The Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation
supports scientific research in mathematics,
astronomy, physics, chemistry including medical chemistry.

Grants for scientific research

The Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation awards grants annually for researchers working in mathematics and the natural sciences. The foundation is one of the most important foundations that supports research in these areas in Finland. In 2020 the total sum of the grants awarded was  to 1,9 M€.  A prerequisite for being eligible to receive a grant is an academic degree at least at the level of the Master’s degree.

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Applying for a grant


  • Postdoc, pitch your research idea and win €100K!

    Research Pitching Competition by Slush & Skolar looks for courageous postdoc researchers at the beginning of their careers, from all fields of research & from all over the world. The 8 finalists will get a free pitching bootcamp and pitch their research on Slush stage on the 22nd of November. The winner receives a €100K Skolar Award to advance her/his research. The competition and award are jointly funded by research foundations. The finalists and winner are selected by an academic jury. The call for applications opens August 14th and closes September 18th. Read more: skolar.fi29 Jan 2020


    The next application period will be October 15th to November 30th, 2019. Note that the same dead-line, November 30th , applies for recommendations, so ask for the recommendations in time. It is not enough to give the name of a referee in the application, because the grant committee does not usually contact any referees. The recommendation has to be included with the application, either by the applicant or by the person giving the recommendation. A graduate student cotutelle grant in one of the sciences supported by the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation is now open for application. The grant is financed in the framework of the Maupertuis program  between Finland and France. The application time is 15.10. – 30.11.2019 and can be done on the application system of the Foundation. Note also that the advice given on the various pages of this website have been updated, so acquaint yourself thoroughly with them before moving to the application pages. Possible comments and improvement suggestions can be sent to

    29 Jan 2020

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The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. To celebrate the anniversary the foundation published a booklet in Finnish and Swedish describing its development and activities during its first fifty years.

The book


The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

Grant secretary

Niklas Meinander

In all matters concerning the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation grants, please contact the grant secretary.