The Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation receives approximately 800 grant applications annually.

Every application is carefully considered. Do your application with care and thought. Tell the essential details but concentrate on the essential. The title of the application should be short, at most two lines, but descriptive. It will be used as such in the award letter in the case that the application is granted.

The application is done electronically using the electronic forms. Separate forms are used for the application of a travel grant, support for apparatus and costs related to the research, and for personal grants (doctoral researcher grants, postdoctoral grants, and personal grants for research full- or part-time during a leave for absence without salary). The application form is available after login. The application can be saved and work on it can be resumed at a later time. The application system is available during the application time period.  Make sure the application has been sent before the end of the application time period, when the application system closes.

Note that the application system closes at midnight Finnish time at the end of the application time period. Applications that have not been sent by the end of the application time period are not considered. We do not recommend leaving the submission to the last minute.

Applications for scientific grants

One appendix file in .pdf format should be attached to the application. Please note that applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered. The contents are determined by the electronic form. Organize the contents in the order indicated below:

  • Research plan with a realistic time schedule. The length of the research plan should not exceed 3 pages.
  • Travel plan which explains the purpose of the trip, and if the trip is to a conference, the name, place, and date of the conference and the applicant’s contribution to the conference.
  • Budget with justifications.
  • CV not exceeding 2 pages.
  • Transcript of your study records (for doctoral researchers)
  • and a list of the publications of the 5 most recent years with the most important publications bolded.

In most cases a statement in support of the application or a recommendation should be attached to the application. The applicant should themselves ask for the statement or recommendation. The applicant can attach the statement/recommendation to the application or alternatively the person giving the recommendation may submit it directly to the foundation through the application system.

Applying for a grant


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