The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation awards grants amounting to approximately 1,7 M€ annually.

Grant report

Grant reports are submitted electronically. The grant report should be sent as an attachment by e-mail to the foundation at the address The name of the attached file should have the format FirstnameLastname_awardingyear. The e-mail message subject should include the words grant report, the scientific field, and the year the grant was awarded. If the grantee wishes to change the purpose of the grant, wholly or partially, this should be applied for by writing to the foundation. Failure to submit a report will affect the evaluation of future applications.

A report of the use of a research grant and the results obtained should be submitted as soon as possible after the work has been completed or at least once a year before the end of the year. Recipients of a doctoral researcher grant must attach a statement by their supervisor that they have not held another salaried position during the time of the scholarship to the progress report.

A travel or course report should be submitted as soon as possible after completion of the trip or course. An account of the costs must be included in the report. Electronic bills and receipts should be attached to the report. Paper receipts need not be submitted but should be saved for possible future need.

An account of the use of the awarded funds must be included in the grant report. If the grant has been administered by the university an account statement is sufficient. The use of a personal grant awarded for living expenses (i.e. a graduate student scholarship) need not be accounted for.

The expenses account should be saved together with the receipts in case of a possible taxation investigation.

Changes to the use of received grants

Apurahan käytön muuttaminen

If the research plan or travel plan cannot be carried through, if financing has been obtained from another source or if the cost of travel was less than the awarded travel grant the unused portion of the grant should be repaid to the foundation to the bank account mentioned in the award letter, or an application to change the use of the grant submitted to the foundation.

Social security and taxation

The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela is responsible for the statutory pension (MYEL) and occupational accident insurance (MATA) of the persons who have a grant or a scholarship and who have to be insured in Finland as of the beginning of 2009. This insurance is mandatory.

The insurance, for the work on a grant or scholarship, offered by Mela is mandatory also for foreign recipients of grants or scholarships if they are covered by the Finnish social security.

For further information on the insurance for grant and scholarship recipients, please refer to,  tel. + 358 20 630 0500“. e-mail

The amount of the tax-free grant money each year is equivalent to the tax-free artist grant (24.965,04 € in 2023). Find out more at As of 2019, grants and scholarships have been considered to be the income of the tax year in which they are paid.

Applying for a grant


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